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Welcome to “The Daily Way Home.”

I am excited that you are here.

Life is about living consciously. Gain and growth is the result of accumulated consciousness. Loss and limitation is the result of scattered consciousness.

If we are dragging around past story that creates anger and resentment in our adult lives, we are in fact sabotaging our own lives by limiting our own consciousness. Whether we feel resentment is justified or not, resentment thinking creates harm in our own lives and the lives of others. Whether we feel the resentment is justified or not, there will be a residual effect in our lives and a price to pay for dragging around negativity.

It’s not the behavior or actions of others that create issues and frustrate us. It is the thoughts and feelings we have around those behaviors and issues that cause us frustration.

This is why it is crucial to positively re-frame dis-empowering perspectives from the past and substitute negative thoughts we have associated with hurtful past events with positive ones.

It is also why it is so crucial to forgive every person, place or thing that we feel may have done us wrong or hurt us in the past. The forgiveness is more for us than it is for them. Without forgiving them we destroy the bridge we need to cross to our own freedom.

Any religion or belief system that tells you that you’re unworthy, wrong or evil and that you have to be a certain way or achieve certain things in order to be accepted and righteous, is likely just fear-based and designed to control or create income streams.

The reason why so many of us struggle is that we deny the truth of our magnificence. Instead we believe that we are limited, restrained and defined by our past actions. In essence we ourselves are making it too difficult for truth to express in and through our own lives.

We can be what we will to be and what we can become is determined by our inner spiritual perception and not by people, places and things outside of us.

Happiness, love and success do not come about from achieving something outside of ourselves. Happiness, love and success lives within us.

The power to become all we can be is our divine birthright and divine inheritance. We don’t accomplish this by conforming. We accomplish this by transforming.

Transformation often demands that we look at the story of our past that may be driving our lives in the present.

It often requires that we cast off messaging we may have gotten from people, places and things that told us that we were anything other than divine, magnificent and worthy. It requires us to get curious about our authentic Purpose so that we can be of service to others. It requires us to get really still in the midst of all the external distraction and noise that constantly tugs at us.

Many of us may have been so influenced by past story that our spiritual potential is completely numb. Regardless the spiritual presence is always in us and always has been; it’s just that we’ve been asleep to its presence.

I believe that there’s a Purpose for everyone that lives. This inner Purpose is often what tugs at us and urges us towards its fulfillment. It lets us know when we’re settling for less than what we could be by making us feel anxious and unsettled.

The great thing is that we don’t need to go to war against those parts of us that we consider dark or shameful. All we need to do is just turn the light back on. When we do, the shame/unworthiness disappears.

The simplicity of truth often deludes us because we seek more complex and difficult answers to life’s “mysteries.”

The Truth is that power comes from within. The world within creates the world without and not the other way around.

The world of possibilities with in each of us is the greatest unexplored territory.

When what we think, say and do are in harmony and when the within becomes the without, we experience bliss.

The coaching process is about holding space for others as they reconnect to their splendor within that may have been dormant for a very long time.

If you feel the urge to fully live your potential in this lifetime, I would love to be a champion for your journey.

What you want wants you! Let’s make this work regardless of the obstacles.

Fill out your details in the “Let’s Talk” pop up window below for a free ½ hr coaching session.

Much Love & Welcome Home,


The Hero's Journey

Personal growth is the Road Less Travelled. Many hear the call but few heed it and that is why it is called the Hero’s Journey.

The Hero’s Journey concept was introduced by Joseph Campbell in his book “The Hero with a Thousand Faces.” The Hero’s Journey concept can be seen in all myths, legends and stories and in movies and books.

The Journey starts with the life that we already know. Then something happens; a bankruptcy, a midlife meltdown, a divorce, a death in the family or the uncovering of a past traumatic event that becomes the catalyst that calls us to action so that we can step into the unknown. We reach surrender point which is the place where we know we just cannot go on and we realize that something has to change. A piece of the armor that we built around us to hide ourselves is broken away and perhaps for the first time in a lifetime we get to glimpse the magnificence that we were born with. At this point we realize that the armor would never satisfy us anymore and we become driven to keep breaking off layers.  We may question why we were put on earth and what our real Purpose is. After facing certain tests and challenges we become initiated into a new way of thinking and being. During the adventure we may discover hidden truths, values or strengths that we’ve blocked for a very long time. The hero’s journey then begins to move into transformation. We transform from what we were told to be by our parents, teachers, religious leaders and our governments and we start to think for ourselves. We move into creating the lives we truly want. At this part of the Hero’s Journey we become “transparent to the transcendent.” We get to become agents of change, creation and causation as our inner light shines through. This is the place that most of the enlightened ones talked about. This is the place of bliss or living from the within, out.

It takes courage to face our demons and even more courage to swing the sword. When we swing the sword we may realize that the dragon was really us and that so much of our story was “Self Created Pain.” It was really us who was preventing ourselves from our own potential. During the the call to adventure we may realize that we always had the answers and that they had just been hidden from view. We realize that we needed to go through the dark so that we could return to the light.

My TDWH blog is my “coming back” into the community.

My passion for personal growth and coaching and my focus on sharing the birthright of Inner Divinity is the Purpose discovered on my Hero’s Journey.

The journey back to our remarkable selves is the adventure of a lifetime.

Of course it takes work. We’ve been told for so long what to accept and what is normal and how we need to fit in with society and the times. We were taught that we could be whatever we wanted to be “as long” as we followed the rules.

The Hero’s Journey is about living a self approved, self appointed and self directed life.

Start your Hero’s Journey!

It’s worth it and you’re worth it!

Much Love & Welcome Home,


Couple of testimonials

I wanted to go 'home' but didn't know what this meant or even how it felt, just knew it. What brought me to Ryf was the name of his blog, The Daily Way Home.  After reading it daily for several months I felt we had a connection and knew that coming home for me would at least start with help removing the 'blocks' in my life.   I have felt called for a long time but allowed past story to hold me back.  That's where Ryf helped; systematically, step-by-step and now I AM HOME.  My divine inner light shines intensely for me with each day that begins and finishes with pure excitement and joy!

Thanks Ryf!

Jan De Luz, Tampa, FL

Back in February, as part of my continuing "Hero's Journey" to better myself as an  individual, I had consulted Ryf for some personal coaching for six months. The sessionswere intense and forced me to look within and peel back the layers and be vulnerable, and most importantly, learn to love the most important person in my life -- MYSELF.

This was a challenge, as my mind was focused on the world without, instead of the world within. Within six months, I had begun to see changes that reflected a morefocused consciousness, a heightened spiritual awareness and a greater connection with The Universe!  One of the best investments I have ever made in myself!  Thanks again,


Rewa Rukario,   Everett, Washington