“New Beginnings”


  I would like to thank all my Readers who sent their well wishes and prayers for my time with my mother in South Africa. It was a blessed time indeed and I spent many cherished moments of lucidity with my mother. It seems like my mother has one foot in the next world and as a result there is a peace that has come over her.  It feels like there is an aura of…

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“Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays.”


Dearest TDWH Readers, FOR THE FIRST TIME IN OVER 3 YEARS IN NEED TO TAKE SOME TIME OFF FROM MY DAILY BLOGS. I am flying to Africa tomorrow to be with my mother whose health is failing. I haven’t seen her in two years and it’s possible this will be her last Christmas. I want to be completely focused on giving back to her for the next 15 days. I will resume my daily blogs…

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“Change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”


  I have been really pushing up against the edge of my comfort zone of late. With some recent disappointments around a business opportunity that didn’t work out I have had to trust even though it hurts. Living inside our comfort zones keeps us in a place of avoiding the calculated risks we need to take to advance our lives and Purpose. Staying within the boundaries of our comfort zones holds us back from progress.…

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“Keep playing after you fall down.”


  I heard this great metaphor for how most people hold on to their past and operate off an old blueprint. It’s like a monkey who reaches his hand into the narrow opening of a glass jar to pull out a banana. The banana in his clenched hand would never fit out of the glass jar but instead of releasing the banana so he can free his hand and escape, the monkey just stays there…

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“Don’t settle for a great job. Settle for a great life.”


  So what then is a “powerful” existence and what is “power.” We need to be consciously aware of power and what power is before we can bring it into the external world and use it to manifest external things. The source of power is Universal mind. All things commence from this one place. This power is manifested through us as individuals. Universal mind is static. Human mind is dynamic. There needs to be a…

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