“Change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”



I have been really pushing up against the edge of my comfort zone of late. With some recent disappointments around a business opportunity that didn’t work out I have had to trust even though it hurts.


Living inside our comfort zones keeps us in a place of avoiding the calculated risks we need to take to advance our lives and Purpose. Staying within the boundaries of our comfort zones holds us back from progress.

The truth is our comfort zones will control us until we control them. We need to give up that which we don’t want to get that which we need.

Most people experience one or more of these five feelings when pushing up against the edge of their comfort zones.

Fear, Guilt, Anger, Hurt Feelings and Unworthiness.

What if we could look at these five comfort zone feelings in a non judgmental way?  What if we could turn them around and use them as tools to drive us forward instead of feelings that hold us back?

What if we could change the way we use these five feelings and actually be grateful for them.

Here’s how:

  1. Fear– when we are in a state of fear we are most likely in a heightened state of concentration. If our safety is being threatened we focus on nothing else but the danger in front of us. We have a laser focus to get us out of a potentially harmful event and all other distractions are discarded. So they way to use fear as a tool would be to focus that concentrated energy and direct it exclusively towards our Definite Major Purpose and convert the concentrated fear thoughts into action. We can let the fear carry concentration and focus instead.
  2. Hurt Feelings– we may be feeling hurt by people because they said X when we know our focus and direction and belief is Y. We can use hurt feelings as a tool to push beyond our comfort zone by letting it remind us how much we care about Y and focusing on how we can move more towards Y. We can also realize that we are not responsible for the thoughts of others.
  3. Anger– anger doesn’t need to stop us from pushing through our comfort zones. We can channel our anger and direct it towards our Definite Major Purpose. We can use the energy of anger as a tool for change instead of a tool for revenge. The better revenge is to use the anger to drive us toward our goals of living well.
  4. Guilt- guilt is anger directed at self.  We can embrace our guilt. It is showing us that we have a conscience and it is telling us we may be harming ourselves and others. Guilt opens up our soul to honesty. It’s a confirmation of our goodness. If good people do something wrong they feel bad. If bad people do something wrong they feel good. Instead of berating ourselves we can develop compassion. To use guilt as a tool we can direct this anger as energy to push us towards our Definite Major Purpose. When we feel guilt a powerful question to ask could be “What am I afraid of.”
  5. Unworthiness- anything that is not advancing our Definite Major Purpose, is not ours. Unworthiness may be reminding us that we have too many things on our plate right now. We can’t be everything to everyone. We are worthy of anything but not everything. There is a thing called time which prevents us from acquiring everything. We need to focus on the main thing that will drive us towards our Dharma and our Definite Major Purpose. Lack of focus likely means poor performance which creates feelings of unworthiness. So to use unworthiness as a tool we can get focused on the main thing that will drive us to our goals. We can understand that unworthiness is telling us that we are getting off track and we need to re-calibrate our compass.

We can use the feelings that hold us in our comfort zones as tools to become self directed thinkers instead of letting them weigh us down and hinder our progress towards our bliss.

Much Love & Welcome Home,





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