Ryf Van Rij is CEO and Founder “The Daily way Home” which shares a daily blog focused on the inner “Journey Home” we each must travel if we are to live a self approved life of purpose and service to others.

Nepal Himalayas

We all start off as innocent children of “Source.” The meanings we give to the events that happen to us in life are the precursors that divert us from our “Journey Home.”

You are not broken, and you do not need to be fixed. That being said, it’s hard to love yourself when you are not being yourself. In most cases we just need to unlearn those things that were taught to us by parents, religion and society that are often not be based in reality.

Ladakh India

Our “Divine Birth Right” is to be connected to “Source” so that we can be in alignment with our lives and our purpose.

To find “The Way Home,” we may need to be open to new possibilities and a different way.

Our Daily Way Home Mentoring/Coaching sessions holds that space that will allow you to find a deeper meaning and satisfaction from life by living in alignment with your purpose.

We would be honored to serve you.

Much Love & Welcome Home


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