“Come home and the world will be yours.”


It takes courage to be open to a different way and to have a beginners mind. So many of us have been wired since birth to fit into a mold that isn’t us.


For many of us just to be receptive to a new way requires a redirection from everything we have been taught and told.

For many of us this journey is a time to sink into a deeper place of authentic self love.

Most people have the need for someone to love them and the need to be held, touched and seen. It may feel like the Universe is failing us in this regard when in fact we are being sent people and situations to affirm that the love we seek lies within us and not outside of us.

Source/Universe/Higher Power/God is longing to hold us and love us completely.

Universal mind and Universal substance will never abandon us and never reject us.

Source/Universe/Higher Power/God is asking us to let go and trust so that Source can fill us with an overflowing closeness and connection so that we can stop trying to find it in other people or other situations. This is where we get to experience the deepest most authentic and complete love which is also the place of self-love.

It is then that we can shine to our full potential for others and “be” the love we long for.

It is then that we can attract a partner who sees the greatness in us and who will be supportive of our journey.

When we stop “hiding” our partner/soul mate will show up.

When we come through for ourselves we will no longer question why people don’t come through for us.

When we show up for ourselves and value ourselves, others will no longer discard, discount and leave us.

When we completely see ourselves, our greatness and our connection to all there is we will no longer be invisible to others.

When we lower our defenses and accept that we are Natures Greatest Miracle, others will no longer see us as guarded and withdrawn.

When we fall into the safety and security of self-love and love of Source/Universe/Higher Power/God, people will no longer see as fearful and small.

When we truly see that we are loved, cared for, safe, seen, respected and honored by Universe and we embrace the kingdom within instead of seeking external validation, the Universe will supply the mechanisms for us to realize our dreams and goals.

Source/Universe/Higher Power/God has this message.

Come home and the world will be yours!

Much Love & Welcome Home,




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