“Be defined by your limitless inner potential.”

I am humbled to realize that in fact hitting surrender point may have been some cosmically conducted and carefully orchestrated plan to connect me to Source/Universe/Higher Power/God and to reignite my Journey Home.

The things that brought to my knees, beat the ego out of me with a large stick, swept away all the things I used to measure my importance by and brought to the edge was in fact the catalyst for my realignment to the “why” of my existence.

I am now much clearer on my Purpose and I am committed to pursuing my quest for truth, my connection to Inner Divinity and my Purpose to share the birthright of Inner Divinity and alignment to Source with others. I want everything I do, to somehow connect back to that Purpose. All roads must point back to Rome however windy and bumpy they may be.

I have signed up for the PhD course at the University of Inner Divinity.  And the semester only ends when my Journey on earth ends. So I am back in school full time.

And here is my wonderful predicament. If I am now aware that I can be an agent of change and causation in my life and the lives of others, then shame on me if I don’t act on this awareness.

It reminds me of what the Carpenter said so wisely. (Which can be found in the Lost Gospel of St. Thomas.)

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”

What he’s saying is that if you show up and give the gift that Source/Universe/Higher Power/God meant you to give then Source will hook you up with everything you need. And if you don’t give the gift that Source meant you to give the world!  Good luck!

I have recently studied Napoleon Hill’s “Think and grow Rich” and Charles Haanels’s “Master Keys.” When I read these sort of books previously they seemed like interesting concepts but always sounded a little cliché.

Not so much anymore.

Thoughts DO become things!


Because the next door neighbor of “Subconscious” is “Inner Divinity.” They are really two different words describing the same thing!

And when we deposit thoughts into the Subconscious mind, in the neighborhood of Inner Divinity and package them with Faith and Desire, Inner Divinity performs its mandatory function which is to create the mechanisms to manifest those thoughts into reality.

Of course the characteristic of most of us mortals is to doubt or be skeptical of “new” ideas.

But these ideas are not “new!” One of the greatest spiritual masters who ever graced the planet, so understood these concepts that he effortlessly caused and created what most of us consider to be “Miracles.”

The Carpenter understood that the measure of humans was not a measure of their external worldly experiences.  He measured himself and others by their limitless inner potential. Because of his amazing understanding and connection Source/Universe/Higher Power/God and to his own Inner Divinity he was able to perform what we call “Miracles.”

But really the only difference between the Carpenter and most of us human beings is that he fully KNEW and UNDERSTOOD that he was a child of Source/Universe/Higher Power/God.

And he continually said that we could do everything he could do and more once we too connected to the Kingdom Within. ( The subconscious mind.)

And who am I to argue with the wisdom of the Carpenter!

Much Love & Welcome Home,




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