“Don’t settle for a great job. Settle for a great life.”



So what then is a “powerful” existence and what is “power.”


We need to be consciously aware of power and what power is before we can bring it into the external world and use it to manifest external things.

The source of power is Universal mind. All things commence from this one place. This power is manifested through us as individuals.

Universal mind is static. Human mind is dynamic. There needs to be a connection between the two to bring about a change of form into substance. Each of us has the ability to connect to Universal substance so that energy can be manifested into form.

We connect to this power by our minds and by our thoughts. What we think is manifested into the objective world. This is “The Law of Attraction.”

All the enlightened ones that have gone before us talked about the benefits of this great discovery. In this place we get to become agents of change and causation. It opens us up to endless possibilities and unlimited opportunity.

The way to change our conditions and create the world’s we truly want to live in is by becoming conscious of our unity with the source of all power.

We are being called to think big. When we focus on large thoughts the limited thoughts gets drowned out. Our subconscious minds do not know the difference between size; it will just do our bidding and give us more of what we input regardless of size.

The great thing about power is that it is a level playing field. No one human being has any more power than any other human being. Universal mind has no favorites. However when individuals realize and understand their unity with Universal mind and Universal substance it will certainly appear like they are being favored and singled out for success, wealth and power.

It is up to us to think the highest thoughts possible when it comes to our goals and desires. When these thoughts are good for us and they don’t take away the good of anyone else and when these thoughts are surrounded by powerful feelings and emotions, Universal mind and Universal substance will make every effort to turn those thoughts into physical events.

Don’t settle for a great job.

Settle for a great and powerful life.

Much Love & Welcome Home,




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