“How to manifest and sustain ideal health.”


The concept/awareness that we are responsible for creating our own health both in body and mind can be an awkward subject. Awkward because it’s easier to blame genetics or some external force for our health issues rather than take responsibility for ourselves.


I have some dear friends who have all types of complicated health and medical issues and I would never bring up this avenue of discussion unless it was initiated by them.

That being said this is what I absolutely believe.

Thoughts are spiritual seeds and once planted in the subconscious mind they grow. Unfortunately sometimes what grows is not to our liking.

Most of the world’s major religions refer to the body as the temple of the mind. As such we need to take care of our bodies by eating good food and having a regular exercise routine so that our bodies can be energized and focused as we continue to move into living self-directed lives of meaning and Purpose.

The great thing about taking 100% responsibility for our personal growth journey is to realize that our present situations and circumstances were brought on by our past thinking.

If our thoughts are focused on fear, worry, jealousy, anxiety or hatred it’s likely our bodies will create parallel health issues including nervousness, disease and inflammation.

We could do a lot to help correct our health issues and increase the flow of positive energy through our bodies by eliminating thoughts of fear worry anxiety and hatred.

This awareness is no longer just based on metaphysical fluff. It’s proven by science that every mental action has a vibration just like all other matter in the Universe. All matter vibrates at a specific frequency and so do our thoughts. Dense matter like a rock has low vibrations. Lighter matter like air or water has higher vibrations.  Our thoughts which have their own vibration frequency affect every atom in our bodies and therefore every cell as well.

If everything in the Universe is what it is by the frequency of its energy vibration then it would follow if we change the rate of vibration of our thoughts by choosing empowering thoughts, we could affect our health in a positive way.

Thoughts Become Things.

The Power is Within.

Instead of trying to change the external effects we should focus on changing the cause in our inner worlds which then change our external realities.

We have more ability to influence our health than we may realize.

We are the manifestation of Source mind into the physical. As such our minds and thoughts, when correctly directed have the ability to manifest, create and sustain ideal health.

Much Love & Welcome Home,



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