“We are intricately connected to the Universe and all there is.”


When I started TDWH in July of 2012 I decided to give up having TV in my home. I do still follow news online and sometimes I watch documentaries on You Tube. I recently watched part 1 of Cosmos by Carl Sagan and found it fascinating and reassuring.

When we look at ourselves and our history in the perspective of the Universe we are really just a fleeting brief moment in time.

The comforting side of that realization is that we are still intricately connected to the Universe and all there is. We originated from the same cosmic soup as the rest of what’s out there.

And that I find consoling.

If I am to judge my life based on the barometer of external achievement or the creation of and connection to family, I could certainly be judged as not being very successful. I have had a colorful and somewhat adventurous and extreme life but I am certainly not the poster child for living the “North American Dream.”

What I find consoling is the when it comes to spiritual growth we are all on a level playing field. One does not have to be financially independent, or a certain age or race or a family man or religious to qualify to be a student of spirituality and to sync up with Source and the Universe.

What I find consoling is that perhaps my life turned out the way it has for the very reason that I could focus inward for the time I have left on this planet.

By Universal Law we all have the right to lead fulfilling and healthy lives. This law implies that we all have potential for divinely inspired creativity within us which the world deserves to see and hear.

The spiritual masters that have gone before us demonstrated the truth of our connectedness to all there is. Only by our lack of understanding we called these things they demonstrated “miracles” and we went on to create religions about the spiritual masters built around the things they did. Their demonstrations of what was available to each one of us was lost in dogma, the construction of monolithic temples and churches we created for them and the persecution of anyone who didn’t agree with our specific religious perspectives.

The cosmic law demonstrated by the masters was not supposed to be complicated. It is we humans who tend to be deluded by simplicity and we complicate things.

The key to unlocking of abundance in all areas of our lives lies in the vast inner potential of us. But very few of us are living even close to our potential.

When we are finally reduced to the awareness that there is nothing left for us to do and that we no longer have reasons to create distractions to avoid living and connecting to Universal truth, that’s often when the simplicity deludes us the most and when the path forward may seem the most daunting.

Just beyond this uncomfortable place is where the gold lies.

Much Love & Welcome Home,





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