“Keep playing after you fall down.”



I heard this great metaphor for how most people hold on to their past and operate off an old blueprint. It’s like a monkey who reaches his hand into the narrow opening of a glass jar to pull out a banana. The banana in his clenched hand would never fit out of the glass jar but instead of releasing the banana so he can free his hand and escape, the monkey just stays there stuck because he stubbornly refuses to let go of the banana.


At the end of the day change and personal growth is often about getting ourselves out of our own way. It’s about letting go of the world we know. It’s about giving the monkey permission to let go of the banana.

When we are willing and ready to let go and live a life directed by our authentic Purpose, heading towards our own true north and our bliss, the details will work themselves out.

We are all born powerful spiritual beings however unless we recognize and use our spiritual power it will have no value.

I believe the Holy Grail of personal growth is to understand that we are Natures Greatest Miracle. It is the space I hold fiercely for my coaching clients and it is most often the road home to our greatness and to a life of possibilities.

I had a coach who I trusted and respected once tell me that when it came to personal growth I had a great grasp of the theory but I lacked the application. I remember at the time how much this stung me but there was a great ring of truth to it.

I do accept the concept that you best teach what you most need to learn. I have said many times that my TDWH blog was initially created as a classroom for my own personal growth and as a platform to share that journey.

More and more as my days I am feeling the spiritual payoff which is the awareness that I can never be separated from oneness with all there is and that I can never be separate from connection to Universal mind and Universal substance. Eventually we reach a place where we realize the application of the knowledge is the only way forward and that the only way forward is to go all in.

When the awareness of our connectedness to all there is becomes part of our DNA and when we live and move in this space, miracles can and will happen. When this awareness moves from ideas, concepts or words in a blog, into integrated reality, we will no longer accept a complacent and ordinary existence.

When it comes to taking steps towards living a self approved and self realized life we have a few options.

Option 1- We can run and hide. We can avoid opportunities for growth by not risking. We can stop growing and living. I lived this way for most of my life. It sucks and it hurts and there is often collateral damage to others along the way.

Option 2- We can keep playing and when we fall down we can go into victim mode and throw a pity party and spiral into negativity. In this place we become addicted to our negative outcomes and as a result create an endless cycle of perceived failures.

Option 3- We can keep playing and when we fall down we can choose to get quiet. We can use the incredible power of our minds to stop focusing on the things that cause us to stumble. We can access the power within by substituting powerful thoughts focused around our Personal Pivotal Needs and our Definiteness of Purpose and we can surround them with empowering feelings and emotions to create new beliefs that will drive our actions to give us the results we truly want.

Each one of us is on a journey and each you one of us has the ability to find our treasure.

Much Love & Welcome Home,




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