“The word Source means the point at which something springs into being or from which it derives or is obtained. Source is also the one that causes, creates, or initiates.”

Mine has been a long and winding road back to a solid relationship with Source/Universal Love/ Higher Power/God.

I was born in Canada in the sixties. At the time my father was studying to be an ordained minister at a church that many would consider a cult.

The Birthright of Inner Divinity

Being imposed upon by my father’s intolerant religion created a huge and inconsolable pit of shame for me which haunted me for most of my life. I felt that his intolerant religion hijacked my divine birthright to be connected, held and loved unconditionally by Source/Universal Love/ Higher Power/God.

So my natural defense growing up was to run a million miles from organized religion.

Ironically it was getting help for my coping mechanisms/addictions that brought me back to a rock solid relationship with Source/Universal Love/ Higher Power/God.

The basis of any 12 Step program is that our unmanageable lives could only be restored to sanity by a power greater than our selves. But first we had to make a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God “as we understood him.”

I had to let go of my obsession to control events and let Source/Universal Love/ Higher Power/God steer my ship.

Source – The one that Causes, Creates and Initiates.

Today I have a very deep and meaningful connection to Source/Universal Love/ Higher Power/God.  Without it I would not have been in a position to share “The Daily Way Home” with the world.

I am wanting to connect to peoples of all religions, races, creeds, and sexualities. I use the word “Source”  in my blogs as the way to express my wonder, my gratefulness and my respect for the Source/Universal Love/ Higher Power/God that connects us humans, rather than separates us.

Much Love & Welcome Home, Ryf


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