“New Beginnings”



I would like to thank all my Readers who sent their well wishes and prayers for my time with my mother in South Africa. It was a blessed time indeed and I spent many cherished moments of lucidity with my mother.

It seems like my mother has one foot in the next world and as a result there is a peace that has come over her.  It feels like there is an aura of protectiveness and safety around her. I’m completely at peace if she lives for another month or another year or even beyond that.  I left South Africa knowing that she’s now in the hands of the creator. I was able to love her completely and unconditionally.

I’m also grateful for those of you who contacted me via email, Twitter and Facebook to let me know how much you value my daily blogs and how they were missed during my absence.

I feel that some changes are needed to revitalize The Daily Way Home and my intentions are to roll those out beginning in April. I am designing a new website and will be adding weekly video content as well.

My passion is coaching and seeing my clients move through story and into a place where their potential is realized.  I’m going to devise a way where I can reach clients in groups to make it completely affordable for everyone.

I’m not one for creating New Year’s resolutions. In a way I think most people set themselves up for failure by doing this. And of course in the grander scheme of the Universe the amount of time our earth revolves around it’s an axis and the number of days it takes to revolve around our Sun is completely localized. Time from the perspective of the Universe is unlimited.

There’s a peace that comes about when we realize that as spiritual entities are timeless as well.

That being said I am reminded while spending time with my mother that it would be smart to live each day fully and with gratitude because this segment of the journey goes by pretty quick.

The other awareness I had as the New Year began was that I need to ramp up my levels of self-love even more. Love is what unifies everything in the Universe. We were created is as an exact extension of the mind of creator and as such the ultimate best way to acknowledge Source/Universe/Higher power/God is to love unconditionally that which Source made as an extension of Source mind, which is us.

When I hear the words “love I neighbor as thyself” what it means to me is that I have to focus most of my intention and energy on self-love. It is then that I can have the empathy and capacity to unconditionally love others.
For the New Year ahead I am reminded that I don’t need to ask Source/Universe/Higher Power/God for things. If there is any need I have this New Year it is the need to reconfirm myself as an integral part of the consciousness of the all-knowing mind of Source in me.

To experience sunlight we just need to step into the sun.  If we want electricity to light up our bedside lamp we just need to flip the switch on.

We need to enable Source/Universe/Higher Power/God to do that which Source longs to do which is to flow in and through us and to fill our lives with light. We achieve this by getting out of our own way and showing up with self-love.

Please stay tuned and I look forward to spending more time with you beginning April 1.

Much Love & Welcome Home,



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