“You are a projection of Source/Universe/God into living consciousness.”


When I consider things as not going my way my old blueprint leaks and tells me that I am unworthy and undeserving.

The truth is Source/Universe/Higher Power/God is more willing to give than most of us are willing to receive.

Everything we desire is beside us waiting for us to be in the right mental space to claim it. Spiritual oneness with Source and Inner Divinity is that gift that is right before us and once we accept and embody this gift we get in sync with Universal flow. Its then that we manifest the mechanisms needed to fulfill our goals and Purpose.

Everything we have been taught tells us to achieve external goals in order to acquire inner peace and happiness.

But we got it backwards.

The way to achieve our external goals is to fully embrace our internal unity with Source.

Our world within reflects our world without so it makes sense that the within is where our focus needs to be.

Prayer or meditation cannot influence Source/Universe/Higher Power/God to be more of itself or less of itself. Source is not selective as to who qualifies for grace or not. Source is standing by to flow through anyone who sees the world within.

That’s why it’s empowering to understand that Source is there in your darkness and your despair. Source is there in your emotions that you may judge as dark or immoral. The sum of all these parts makes up the magnificent whole you. And the whole you is the identity of the mind of Source.

We are always better than we know and the depth of who we are always seeps through.

No one is born evil. No one is born immoral. We may be frustrating our potential and acting out of alignment with self and Source but that does not define who we are.

There is no place we can get closer to Source than where we are right now. What this means is that Source is ever present and we cannot change the closeness which is Source in us. What we can and must do is become more aware of the presence of Source in ourselves.

We are a wave in the vast ocean of infinite intelligence which is Source. A wave can never be separated from the ocean.

We are all projections of Source into living consciousness.

For many of us, becoming aware of this unity is our life’s journey and when the light comes on and we make the shift, the Universe and all its forces line up to support us.

Much Love & Welcome Home,





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