I wanted to go ‘home’ but didn’t know what this meant or even how it felt, just knew it.  What brought me to Ryf was the name of his blog, The Daily Way Home.  After reading it daily for several months I felt we had a connection and knew that coming home for me would at least start with help removing the ‘blocks’ in my life. I have felt called for a long time but allowed past story to hold me back. That’s where Ryf helped; systematically, step-by-step and now I AM HOME.  My divine inner light shines intensely for me with each day that begins and finishes with pure excitement and joy!  Thanks Ryf!

Jan De Luz
Tampa, Florida, USA

Back in February, as part of my continuing “Hero’s Journey” to better myself as an individual, I had consulted Ryf for some personal coaching for six months. The sessions were intense and forced me to look within and peel back the layers and be vulnerable, and most importantly, learn to love the most important person in my life — MYSELF.  This was a challenge, as my mind was focused on the world without, instead of the world within. Within six months, I had begun to see changes that reflected a more focused consciousness, a heightened spiritual awareness and a greater connection with The Universe!  One of the best investments I have ever made in myself!  Thanks again, Ryf!

Rewa Rukario
Everett, Washington, USA

gray-quotation-marks-hiI had the pleasure of meeting Ryf at a network company seminar.  Upon learning about his work, I soon signed up for his newsletters and began reading on a daily basis.  It was very clear to me that his philosophy about all things “life” overlapped mine and I wanted to know more.  Ryf and I began our weekly phone meetings.  Our talks helped me understand things about me that no one else had helped me understand.  What made Ryf different was that he didn’t tell me what I needed to hear…he was simply an enabler, a facilitator, that allowed me to discover my innermost strengths and weaknesses and means to deal with the issues I had.  Ryf’s personality and way of conducting his sessions allowed me to be as transparent as ever, which was critical for my eventual learning and healing.

Dr.Ranjit Sandhu,
Burnaby, BC, Canada

gray-quotation-marks-hiCoaching wasn’t something I was familiar with, and was nervous about taking the plunge. I’m so glad that I followed through with it.  Ryf enlightened me to many facts about myself, and made me aware of the power of both negative and positive thought. He does not try to change who you are, but wants to open your world to embrace yourself and your talents. I like to think about myself as a great judge of character and Ryf has it spades. I usually call it going the extra mile, but with Ryf that’s just the way it is.  There have been many times that our sessions have gone over the limit, or I needed some extra help and he does it with a smile on face.  If you have any apprehension about Ryf or the process I recommend taking the plunge.

Colin Emberson
Vancouver, BC, Canada

gray-quotation-marks-hiI have long struggled with finding a career path that made me happy and gave me the opportunity to utilize my talents and education. My personal relationships were difficult and unfulfilling and I wanted it all to change. The decision to work with Ryf is the single best decision I have ever made. I have learned to put myself first and my daily context is self-love.  My self-confidence, esteem and self-efficacy have increased tremendously. I have become a woman who enjoys being me and have a sense of peace, now live in a state of joy and gratitude. I have a new career direction and am moving quickly to find a position in that area. In my first session with Ryf he told me that in 6 months I would not recognize myself and he was right! Because of my work with Ryf my entire world is changing and I have unlimited potential to create the life of my dreams. The results that I have gotten from this work are beyond what I imagined was even possible. I absolutely recommend Ryf as a coach /consultant to anyone who wants to change their life.

Ellen Busch
Hampton, New Hampshire, USA

gray-quotation-marks-hiCoaching with Ryf has been one of the best decisions of my life. I have started meditating on a daily basis, a practice that has been challenging but immensely rewarding. Ryf has helped me to look at and improve other areas in my life that have been largely ignored, such as physical exercise and diet. I now see these things as directly supporting my vision by giving me the necessary energy and focus to achieve my goals. My most significant growth has been in the area of career and life purpose. I now have a direction and purpose in my life that energizes and excites me. It makes me want to get up in the morning and motivates me throughout the day. When Ryf started to work with me, he said he would be a champion for me and my growth – he certainly has been that champion and much more. He routinely exceeds the 45 minutes allotted for sessions, and goes the extra mile without hesitation. Ryf is an outstanding motivator and passionate about helping others achieve their dreams. In my current career I have served on many interview teams and trained and evaluated dozens of paraprofessionals and over the years have honed my ability to recognize talent. Ryf’s skills and talents would be an asset to any company lucky enough to work with him.

Jodi Hall
Memphis, Tennessee, USA

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