“The only thing separating you from your greatness is you!”


If you’re like me you may have spent a lot of time focusing on the things that created obstacles in your life.


When I look back at it now, getting locked into cyclical patterns that felt familiar really just caused roadblocks to my growth. It was just another form of addiction/coping mechanism.

But what if where we stumble the most is the place where we find our bliss?

What if our life’s biggest struggle is really just our life’s biggest overcome and biggest lesson?

What if our biggest discoveries are self discoveries?

Thought is the place we need to begin when we’re ready to change self negating or self-destructive patterns.

Thinking is the essence of life and power is the result of thinking. Our ability to think gives us the ability to take action and to attract those things we truly need into our lives. We are being called to become self-directed thinkers instead of conforming to the herd. Focused thought surrounded by powerful feelings is a force to be reckoned with and when we cross the bridge from theory to application our journeys become magnificent.

When we get silent and meditate we are not creating new knowledge. What we are doing is tapping into the knowledge that has always been there.

Unfortunately there are no shortcuts. Our knowledge of truth lies in self knowledge and awareness.

It is through thinking that we can have knowledge of Source/Universe/Higher Power/God and tap into divine mind.

Our minds and thoughts are the conduit between us and the infinite supply of Universal mind and Universal substance.

We humans have no existence outside of Source/Universe/Higher Power/God. We are the activity of Source/Universe/Higher Power/God expressing as us. We come back to this knowledge through awareness and by being still.

Each one of us has an inner reserve of divine wisdom which once released would light up our lives and the lives of those around us. It’s up to us to discover our inner power so that we can use this inner light reserve.

The releasing of this inner energy is the focus of my life.

My mission in life is to continue my own journey towards light and truth and to hold space for others to do the same.

There is however no escaping from the truth that we have to “be” before we can “do” and we can only “do” to the extent that we “are” and what we “are” depends on our “thoughts.”

I am humbled knowing that words in a blog and talking a good talk will not get me there.

I am grateful for understanding that the only thing separating me from my greatness is me!

Much Love & Welcome Home,




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