“We often make things way more complicated than they need to be.”


Moving towards a self approved life and connecting to Source and self is about transforming not conforming. It’s about being renewed by our thoughts and minds.

The promise of this journey is to realize heaven while on earth. Heaven is not someplace up in the sky. Heaven is the potential each one of us has to connect within and our spiritual capacity to be one with infinite wisdom.

If we are open-minded and teachable and willing to look at our past learnt perceptions and prejudices, we will be building a strong foundation for the the journey home.

There’s a difference between knowing and being. My Amazing coach, Mastin Kipp, reminded me that it’s one thing to have a great working knowledge and understanding of metaphysics but it’s another thing to actually live it.

Spiritual growth is not a place we arrive to. It’s an internal awakening.

When we connect to the splendor within we release the flow of good in our lives and we become agents of creation and manifestation.

There are generally two ways that people commence the journey.

The first group of people just let go and become open to a new way with a beginners mind.

The second group of people resists change at all cost and generally end up creating drama in their lives. They avoid the messages which then become problems and then they avoid the problems which become a crisis. They get beaten down until their will to resist is crushed and they finally  let go and become open to a new way.

If you’re like me you may not have been prepared to look at truth until you were pushed up against the wall and had nowhere else to go. It was only after the desperation of my pain that I finally became willing to let go.

It is not Source that wills us disease, tragedy and dysfunction.  Contrary to what religion often teaches we do not need to suffer in this lifetime so that we can go 1st class in the next.

It is we humans that so often make poor choices, get stuck in habitual patterns and massively frustrate our potential.

Eventually we will reach a place where can thank those people, places and things that pushed us to the brink. Hitting surrender point is often the beginning of the glorious journey towards authenticity.

Simplicity Deludes.

We so often make things way more complicated than they have to be.

Much Love and Welcome Home,


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