“What does Purpose feel like?”


It is the will of Source that we get in alignment with our gifts and Purpose so that we can live our bliss in this lifetime.


Each one of us was created to serve some unique function in life. For some, their Purposes may have universal impact, and for others it may be as down to earth as volunteering at a homeless shelter.

The pursuit of life is to come into that clear understanding of our life Purpose. Finding our inner Purpose should feel like the answer to the question of why we exist. Finding our Purpose creates a great life, not just a great job!

It’s ironic that to get clear on our vision the future we may need to get in touch with the feelings of the past. We need to look back through the journey of our lives and become aware of the moments where we felt really alive, free and at peace. Recall the moments when we felt a firm sense of connection and where things were light and joyous.

I have a photo of myself as a 4 year old looking towards a scenic African landscape. It has always symbolized my curiosity and desire to understand the spiritual meaning of life. Most jobs I have ever had meant little other than a paycheck. I just felt I had to play the game of life like everyone else and accept the dreariness of it all. I escaped it all when I was 21 years old and bought a one way ticket to India and had one of the most exhilarating years of my life. While my friends where planning careers and attending universities, I explored the Golden Temple of Amritsar, the Taj Mahal, The Cave Temples of Mahibalipuram, the Buddhist Monasteries of Ladakh And the Palace of the Dali Lama in Himachal Pradesh. I never spent more than $2 a night for hotels (It was back in 1982) and it was the happiest time of my life.

How to find your Purpose.

  1. Find the common thread throughout your life of when you felt connected and light and happy. Just because you admire something doesn’t mean it’s your Purpose. Something’s are meant to be just a hobby.
  2. Create a Purpose statement that encompasses you giving yourself these gifts as well as sharing them with others.
  3. Repeat step 2, making adjustments until the answer makes you want to cry!
  4. You have your life Purpose!

Yes this is a bit simplistic and one blog is way too limiting to really dig into it, but I hope this evokes some thought and gets your Purpose juices flowing.

Here’s my purpose statement.

“My Purpose is to nurture my own authenticity and quest for truth and as a result share the birthright of Inner Divinity and alignment to Source that is the inheritance of every human being.”

My Purpose statement gets my body vibrating from the inside out. I feel driven to do what I am doing. Not doing it would be like yanking the tubes from my own life support. And if I had all the money in the world I would still do it. And it makes me want to cry with joy quite often, and it inspires me and evokes my continued growth and transformation and most of all I have this burning desire to share and be of service to others.

And for me that is what Purpose feels like.

Much Love & Welcome Home.




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